.10-.20 Higher EPC’s Without Collecting Email. Collect or not?

Just cant seem to figure this out and its making me mad… lol

I know email is good for the long run and adds value to your business, but its losing me money and Im not sure it will pay off if I continue to be losing money daily.. as it adds up!

Best way to figure this metric out for myself? Anyone know? I have like 30 follow ups with higher payout offers such as credit cards and biz opps etc, but i dont get too many of them to convert, in my opinion on the sequence follow up. Only when I do aweber broadcasts and email the entire list, is when I make some good money and fast, but i dont like doing broadcasts as I get a big complaint ratio and you know how aweber is…

User Comment:
Well this might seem like an obvious question but are you including the money you make from your email blasts and follow ups into the EPC you’re calculating? I’m assuming you are. If that’s the case then it really just depends on how long-term you think the mailing list will last. Also, .10-.20 EPC on like a $.40 EPC is huge and I’d probably forget mailing if the difference in EPC was at least 20%, but not so significant on a $2 EPC. Personally, I don’t do any mailing but I envy those that have the ability to just send an email blast and land a ton of sales. Baller.

The Article Published IN 09-23-2011 05:47 AM

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