$100 Adwords Coupon – Free Monies


Expires 31 May. Get at it!

User Comment:
Thanks, is this for new accounts only?

User Comment:
Usually I would say yes, but I’m unsure on this one. It was sent by Google to my friend who already has an account with them. I would try it out.

User Comment:
I just tried it…but got message "this code already been redeemed"…It seems like these codes are usually for one person use only? Thanks anyway Lorenzo

User Comment:
Yeah seems like some one got in first sorry!

User Comment:
It says ‘Already Redeemed’ when I try it in my account, … so maybe its only new accounts, or maybe its only US based accounts.

Anyone know a good ‘Redeem Code’ KeyGen for Adwords..???

The Article Published IN 05-18-2011 12:08 AM

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