160×600 Skyscraper IABs

has anyone been having success with them. I threw up a small test and on a campaign that is giving me about a 17% conversion rate I didnt get a conversion after 25 clicks and CTRs were pretty crappy for IABs.

Any inside info on this size? IIRC it doesnt have to compete with 110×80’s and seems like it should be relatively unsaturated but im wondering if there is a reason for that.

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Not a good placement for the 169×600’s. Never got them to work well for dating

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that sucks…maybe ben can chime in with some insight. maybe they’re better suited to other verticals?

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160×600’s are only displayed inside the user message window. Most of the time, when people are looking at them they’re busy reading or responding to messages. Something to consider.

I’ve always done well with 728x90s and 300x250s. I don’t bother with the skyscrapers unless I have a real hot banner design that I think will pull attention. Remember, when you use them you’re directly competing with real people who are trying to talk to the user. That’s tough competition for their attention.

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160×600 banners also require the lowest CPM’s to get traffic. $0.30 CPM for a banner ad is CHEAP.

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^^^ What he said. If your banner is top quality and you have low bids, that’s a formula for easy money.

The Article Published IN 09-06-2011 03:22 AM

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