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UPDATE: For the latest guidance to get started – check the 40 day guide

I dont like re-inventing or copying other people’s work – so here is a short (ish) chapter with some of the best getting started guides I have come across.

For some you will need to sign up to email lists, but trust me, the guides are good. If you cant stand the emails, just unsubscribe afterwards.

Please be mindful that you will need to put your ‘salesblock’ on and just cut through some of the selling that is in some of the guides i refer to later on.

Basics of SEO & Setting up a blog – The Challenge

Check The Challenge (2010) and just scan through the modules including the prework. All the basics are covered here if you want to know about SEO, setting up websites, backlinks, market leadership & monitisation.

Dont worry about signing up for any of the services they are referring to though. You dont need them for this guide. Unless of course you want to.

The purpose of this is to boost your knowledge about making money online & SEO.

Now if you like their approach – by all means go through it in detail. But its gonna take you several weeks in my view before you will start to see anything close to a result.

Here are some of the more important modules and elements of the training.

General overview of affiliate marketing (Jonathan Volk)…uide/guide.php
Great guide covering the following:

  • Intro to affiliate marketing & networks
  • Setting up domains & hosting
  • Landing pages
  • Knowing your demographics
  • Social media guide
  • Pay Per Click Guide
  • Pay Per View Guide
  • Media Buying Guide

Pay Per View & Facebook

Although we will cover PPV (also referred to as Cost Per View – CPV) and Facebook over the next two weeks, the following links are very good reads and introduction to PPV and Facebook:

Josh Todd’s PPV Guide
Gaugher’s PPV Guide
Shoemoney’s Facebook Soup to Nuts guide

I recommend you also have a look around facebook’s official guide about facebook marketing.

Any others?

Do you know of any that are as good or better? Reply to this thread and post your links.

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I found really good affiliate training for all newbies at wolfstorm media check it out!

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thx dustin. I agree – the training at WSM is great!!

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You can also check EWA private guides and (less of a guide but hopefully someone finds valuable content there).

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wow. the looks like a GOLDMINE

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Originally Posted by kkodev

You can also check EWA private guides and (less of a guide but hopefully someone finds valuable content there).

not working anymore?

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Originally Posted by dario

not working anymore?

It’s been moved to

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Saw it mentioned but I didn’t see it linked a lot of good stuff here

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the Shoemoney’s Facebook Soup to Nuts guide is money!!! tx for sharing

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HI Jordan, I’m receiving everyday a mailing sequence from your 40 day guide. But what is the link between these posts and the 40 day guide?

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Gaugher’s PPV Guide link not working. Can you reup?

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i wouldnt bother with that

just follow the 40 day guide

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I’ve found a lot of useful content on Finch’s site, especially his premium posts:

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