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Hey guys,

I’m looking to get into CPV and just watched the entire demo video at (very impressive). I have 2 pretty straightforward questions.

1. Should I wait to use CPV Lab until after I have some CPV experience, or will CPV Lab help me get over the newb stage faster? I ask because Rob gives a pretty strong "this isn’t for newbs" warning at the end of the video, so I’m wondering if CPV Lab would actually be a hindrance at this stage.

2. How well does CPV Lab work for tracking non-PPV traffic types (social, display, etc.)?


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I started using CPV lab about a week a 2 ago. This is just my personal opinion, but…

1. No. I think it makes it much, much easier.

2. I use it for POF and it works great, especially when you use custom tokens.

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Ive been using CPVLab since it came out last year. It is one of the tools I use most often, together with my trusted AptanaStudio for handcoding my html pages.

Should you get it?

You dont have to – as in – good hosting + prosper202 (free) – will help you get started. Add in Besmir’s plugin and p202 gets very close to what cpvlab offers.

But – if you can afford to spend the money and not eat into most of your testing budget – go and get it

Re other traffic sources – yes you can use it for pod, ppc, and fb. Cpvlab is also working on a major update which will make it even more suited for ppc based traffic.

The thing to watch with POF is that PoF is CPM bidding so you pay per 1000 impressions, but cpvlab wont register these impressions. You will therefore have to work on average, and manually update your cost to track P&L and ROI.

User Comment:
Very helpful as always guys, I think I’ll just go ahead and get it

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