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UPDATE: For the latest guidance to get started – check the 40 day guide

This topic already lists a great number of essential tools:…s-(Mega-Thread)

Specifically, for this guide we will be using one or more of the following tools & services.

If you have your own preferred tools and services already, just continue to use those. If you dont, then you can use the ones listed below.

In the step by step guides I will use these exact tools and services to walk you through the process.

Note that some of the links are affiliate links – let me know if thats an issue for you.


Namecheap is the best one for generic and international domains. However, if your looking for a specific country domain its worth checking out national site. Ie UK domains at are cheaper then at Namecheap.

With every Namecheap domain you get free

  • WhoIsGuard Privacy Protection
  • PositiveSSL

Here are some coupons:

  • SWITCH2NC – $1 off domain transfer
  • NCSMILES – Discount on qualifying domains
  • WEBFEB – 10% of Shared hosting
  • [email protected] – 10% off 1st months VPS charges


Low budget – Hostgator (use coupon LESS25PERCENT to get 25% off)
Performance – Storm on Demand


Low budget (free) – Self Hosted Prosper 202
Performance – cpvlab ($50 off coupons)


FileZilla (opensource)

Web editing:

Wysiwyg – BlueGriffon (free)
Code editor – Aptana (free)

Graphics editing:

Online editors – pixlr (simple) aviary (complex)
Software: gimp

Split Testing

Free (code based) – Google Website Optimizer
Visual Editing – Visual Website Optimizer

User Comment:
Hi Tijn,

For tracking is CPV Lab just able to track cpv? or can it track other traffic sources?

Also in regards to split testing, doesn’t CPV Lab give you the option to split test, therefore negating the need for the split testing tools?

Finally, in regards to hosting of our tracking, whichever we use, what are the specs we need when starting out to all the way up to where we are pushing serious traffic?

User Comment:
with cpvlab you can track anything you want really but it works best for cpv. There is a tutorial in cpvlab on how to use it for social (fb and pof).

splittesting offers and different landing page concepts works great in cpvlab but when you want to test for example a different headline, image, call to action button, and exit pos you would need to run about 16 different landing pages. in those case i prefer to use multi variant testing with something like visual website optimizer.

for hosting your tracking i recommend starting with just the basic cloud hosted server. If your pushing serioud volume (like 100k+ pops a day) go for dedicated, 8 core, 8gb mem.

User Comment:
Which tracking tool is recommended for a beginner planning on using Facebook as the traffic source?

User Comment:
just start with prosper…its free and easy to setup (compared to cpvlab)

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