5 stocks that could have made you $178,000,000 in 5

5 stocks that could have made you $178,000,000 in 5 years.

I’ve been trying start investing my ex capital a bit more efficiently so I’ve been reading up on stocks etc and I came across this interesting article…

If you invested $10,000 at the start of 2006 in that year’s best stock, CorVel, and then moved your money each year to the following year’s best stock. The value of you portfolio would have grown at the end of each year to:

2006: $37,580

2007: $336,529

2008: $1,736,490

2009: $45,287,659

2010: $178,206,938

Haha no it ain’t that easy but it’s an interesting read.

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lol, I’m sure if you broke it down by month and bought the best stock every month over 5 years you could be a billionaire.

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I’m gonna go ahead and change my answer to the ‘past self’ thread to this. O LAWD.

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If you want to invest on the long run, consider investing on stocks which pays dividends. You can make a balanced portfolio of pure dividend stocks ranging from large cap, mid cap, small cap and REIT’s (my favorites) which usually yields more than 10%. You can easily earn a salary of $2,000 every month with 100k invested on dividend stocks on auto pilot and the risk is very low. For a more aggressive path I recommend trading options, is very lucrative and sometimes is very predictable. I have been successful trading options with one single stock $qqq which tracks the NASDAQ100 index. With options you can buy or short the right to own hundreds or thousands of shares worth $xxx,xxx for a low $x,xxx investment.

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I highly recommend this book:…/dp/1587990717

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That book looks really interesting. Gonna read it.

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and then I can show you counter books to a "random walk down wall st." or you can look at warren buffet, george soros and any other of a 100+ traders and money managers that have avg more than 10% a yr for more than 30yrs [30yrs is key since that is a ‘cycle’] (check out the auto-trading prgs in the back of FUTURES magazine that have a 3rd party accounted 30yr trading history, all with CTA qualification which is far beyond FINRA and stocks)

Most people dont know of them or even know they exist. That’s because most people are not ‘qualified investors’ IE: net worth more than $1M not including house or income of $300,000 a yr for the last few years. Investement options for that ‘class’ are WAAAAAY different then what is left to the ‘avg. investor’

check out the return on an index ratchet annuity over the same time period of 10yrs vs any other investment unless actively managed.

to put it in simple terms. all the up side of the index market, no trend down when the market does and when the market trends back up, you IRAA goes up FROM THE LAST HIGH POINT IT WAS AT! [not investment advice…for educational purposes only. consult a certified council before attempting any investments] ;P


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they say the best stock gain in any one of those years was 2,508% gain and yet i found a stock lat year that made 4,500% gains (LSBR)

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