50% Off – Stackthatmoney Exclusive Discount

For all of you doing CPV I managed to get a pretty huge discount for .

It’s a lifetime 50% off discount ( you pay $49/month instead of $99/month ).

NEW * – Use coupon 4STACKLT to get 50% OFF the lifetime subscription.

To get it use the coupon code 4STACKONLY at this url .

I use the program myself to manage my campaigns and it’s pretty good.

Here are the main features from the program’s home page :

  • Completely self-hosted. Your login data for the CPV networks are safely stored on your own server, unlike some similar services available.
  • Lowers your CPV costs by bidding only the minimum price neccessary to meet your goals.
  • TrafficVance Support
  • LeadImpact Support
  • MediaTraffic Support ( Coming soon )
  • Optimize your bids for any position , not only for the first one.
  • It’s a PHP script and can be excecuted via cron jobs. No need to leave your PC on all day!
  • Integration with Prosper202. You set a minimum desired ROI and it bids the correct amount according to your current conversion rate and offer payout ( coming soon )
  • Wizard like type of install and very easy to learn and use

User Comment:
Hey Besmir you think you can get us a discount for
the lifetime subscription?

That’s what I’m more interested in.

User Comment:
It is a lifetime subscription

User Comment:
i think what epic is after is a one off single payment. without the coupon you can choose between 2 plans:
1) 99 pm
2) 999 once off for lifetime

i guess he is asking for a 50% of the 999 for a lifetime, instead of 49 pm

ive pinged am im to bbrock32 so see whether this is possible but Im sure he will reply here.

User Comment:
Ok i’m sorry, did not know that!

User Comment:
The discount is for the monthly subscription.

I can ask if I can get a 50% Off lifetime though.

Will keep you guys updated.

User Comment:
Sure, looking forward to your update Besmir, thanks.

User Comment:
Managed to get this one for ya.

Use coupon 4STACKLT to get 50% OFF the lifetime subscription.

User Comment:
wow! thx

i had some negative feedback from other folk about cpvbidder (they used the beta a long time ago) saying that it could only handel a limited number of campaigns in an account.

there is no real info about this on the site and any limitations.

should anyone be worried about this? ie are there limitations and if so what are they?

(im sold anyway )

User Comment:
I have used this for quite some time and has always worked like a charm for me.

I don’t have campaigns with 5000 keywords ( and I don’t think it’s a good idea anyway ) so can’t speak how the program handles this.

However they released a new version yesterday which updates campaigns in batches. This means it will take more to update everything but should solve the big campaigns problem and avoid timeouts.

I know the owner and he’s a responsive guy. Just drop him an email before you buy for any questions you might have.

User Comment:
awesome. just got myself lifetime 😉

User Comment:
Sweeeeeeeeeeet, thanks Besmir!

Getting mine now

Update: I had a little bit of a heartache paying for this as
I’ve been spending like a mad man lately, but just realized
that I just received my commissions from an affiliate program
right into my paypay account which more than paid for the
tool, so my heartache is relieved

User Comment:
Happy you guys like it.

It will pay for itself in a very short time.

User Comment:
Contacted owner asking when auto roi module ready. No response. Anyone know?

User Comment:
besmir – if your close to the owner, here are some of the features I would love to see and it would be great if you could share these and others as well:

1) add multiple accounts of the same type – ie I have a TV US and TV Int account but can only use 1 in CPVBidder
2) monitor bids of all URL variations. Ie – if im bidding but everyone else is competing on it will automatically push my bid down and i wont get any traffic, or link targets (ie i could bid but stay low so it monitors max bid, and then use that max bid in setting my bid for
3) Report on competing bidders over time – ie show me how its changing
4) Alert interface to show targets where I have been outbid

Also – im struggeling to get LeadImpact to Sync. Ill try and submit a ticket for that as well.


User Comment:
Yes I’m going to invite the owner here so he can answer all your questions.

1 )I think you can already have two accounts by having two different installs. You just have to send him your new domain and he will add it to your license.
2 ) Lol , this is a badass one. I’ve already suggested this to him

Seems like LI is working fine for me. Anyway the fastest way is to submit a ticket.

User Comment:
Yea, I have been trying to reach him for about a week. Even with the new update it won’t handle all my campaigns and messes up. I hope he can come so we can get it working.

User Comment:
Does this integrate with CPVlab or only prosper so far?
(and thanks @bbrock32 for negotiating a heavy discount!)

User Comment:
Not sure , I think they have it on their todo to integrate with CPVLab.

I have invited the owner to the forum , probably he will chime in here.

User Comment:
Finally I’m part of this great forum too .
From now I’ll be available to answer your queries about CPVBidder through PM or simply by posting on this thread.


User Comment:
Ervin welcome to this forum!

Can you kindly answer all the questions that have been posted above? I believe a lot of us would want to know whether CPVbidder is a good investment to make or not. Thanks in advanced


User Comment:

Originally Posted by kokofai

Ervin welcome to this forum!

Can you kindly answer all the questions that have been posted above? I believe a lot of us would want to know whether CPVbidder is a good investment to make or not. Thanks in advanced


Hi Benjamin,
I have privately contacted some the users that are having problems or questions about the script, but yeah you’re right it is better if the answers are available to anyone .

So here are the answers to the questions that have been asked:

* What does it supports and how is working?

– It currently supports LI and TV and it is working very well for normal sized campaigns (0-500 campaigns with 0-500 targets x campaign that I think are very normal numbers).
I have to admit that it is experiencing some problems with very large campaigns, 500+ campaigns with 1000+ targets. But it just could not be otherwise as it is not a desktop software but has to scrape the data from a webpage and has to repeat this process even many times as it will increases the bid by the minimum amount (0.01 or 0.001) to reach your desired position.
So if you have some monster campaigns you can anyway give it a try, as it is not a problem for me to refund you, but I can’t guaranty that it will work with any number of campaigns.
In any case I’m currently working on trying to improve its performance with large campaigns.

* Does it support integration with CPVLab or P202:

– Currently it does not, but we have done most of the work for Prosper 202 integration and will hopefully release it soon. Then will start to work also on CPVLab.

* Does it supports multiple accounts:

– It currently does not supports multiple accounts but we will include this option on our next release.
In the meanwhile if anyone needs to manage multiple accounts please PM me and we could find a solution for this.

All the best


User Comment:
Hi everyone,

here its a quick update.

We have released today a new version of CPVBidder that SUPPORTS MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS (a very requested feature from our users ).
So now you have the chance to add as many TV or LI accounts as you want.

But that’s not all:
The are also some important interface/technical improvements and bug fixes to allow the script to handle also large campaigns.
We have also published our online help and user guide that you can access directly from the CPVBidder menu.

All the best.


User Comment:
Here’s one for ya. What happens when 2 people are in a bidding war and both have CPV bidder running? :O

User Comment:
Nothing happens, the bidding war will continue… .

User Comment:
If anyone who was having trouble before the last update due to large campaigns has it working now please let me know. I initially took a refund when it came out due to the issues with them. I’ll buy it right away if I hear some good news regarding that.

User Comment:
Yeh I am also interested in it, the campaigns with 1k+ keywords were messed up before the update. Is that fixed now?

User Comment:
After i upgrade to the latest version, i have always been in "internal server error". I can not sync the any data, and just have 5 campaigns total.

I have set up the recommemd php/mysql config
I have reboot my server for 3 times.

Still in the problem, anyone happened the same? Need help…

I have re-install the old version: v18052011, and worked well, so that the latest v05062011 maybe have some problems.

PS: Anyone could recommend me a nice VPS can work well with this script? now i use Wiredtree.

After 3 successful data sync, the trafficvance sync result shows a "internal server error" agian. The Leadimpact account can work sync normally.

In my Cpanel, i just left only 1 TV Cron job run, but still get the same error: internal server error.

So Crazy..

User Comment:
Hey everyone,

a quick update for who is having problems with LeadImpact.

They have made some changes to their website that were preventing the script from pulling the data correctly.

In the last version autobid_05062011.2 we fixed this issue and also made some changes to TV.

So if you were having problems with LI or TV be sure to download the latest version from our website

All the best


User Comment:
I would rather spend more time building on campaigns than adjusting bids… so that’s why I bought this tool. Looking good so far but I have one question:

1) If my desired position for the target is "1" and let’s say I’m already at #1 with a bid of $0.100 but with #2 at 0.050 – will CPVbidder automatically lower my bid in decrement of 0.001 until it finds the sweet spot? (i.e: 0.051?)

I set my cronjob to run every 5 mins and it’s working flawlessly– probably because I only have 200 keywords / campaign tops.

User Comment:
Any update on CPVlab?

User Comment:
Hi there,
hoping to continue saving your precious time, especially in this holiday period , we have released today the new version of the script that supports also AdonNetwork.

To download the latest version visit

As always all suggestions or comments are welcomed.

All the best


User Comment:
Doesnt work after the TV update.

User Comment:
Anyone else having problems with CPV Bidder lately? I have days that it work out really well but also days where I could not get it to work no matter how. I tried syncing to my TV account manually but it keeps saying this:


Anyone having this problem?

User Comment:
Just wanan let you guys know that Ervin contacted me on that very day and offered help to fix the issue. Now it’s up and running again. Highly recommended if you have lots of little campaigns that are making $50-$100+ per month and you don’t want to spend too much time monitoring these small campaigns.

User Comment:
Can’t get targets from Trafficvance, leadimpact working fine.

User Comment:
is this still working? I just signed up and installed it and its not adjusting bids at all.

User Comment:
got it working had like 600 key words had to bring it down below 500

User Comment:
is this still not working past a certain # of keywords in a campaign? I have a campaign with around 800 active kws and 7000 paused. Last time I tried this it timed out each time. I’m still using the grease monkey script to update bids. Would love to use this if it works.

User Comment:
Yea I have a little over 500 camps and I’m still gettin timeouts, Ervin any updates?

User Comment:
CPVBidder needs to be updated.
Last time I sent message thru support, I’ve never gotten message back from him.
Is he not doing this anymore?
That would suck because I bought the life time one

User Comment:
Last time I talked to him he said TrafficVance is now banning IPs that do more requests per day than a fixed limit.

So I guess it won’t work forever , unless TrafficVance makes their API public…

User Comment:
Anyone still using this & if so, have feedback? That last post about trafficvance has me a little concerned because that is the main reason I’d be getting it.

User Comment:
i bought the lifetime and personally regretted it… my IPs got banned and his response was well there is nothing he can do about it. So did his product deliver what it was supposed to do, not really, since the IPs get banned and therefore it doesnt work. But to be fair, is that his problem? He cant really control that, but the tool works its just that you need a steady supply of IPs and its just not worth it for me to go through all that trouble again and again…

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