9/11 A Rembrance

10 yrs ago:
10 yrs ago I watched as small speck turned in to a small flame and then a horror movie… live. I was one of the 1st on the west coast to call traders and alert them to a ‘situation’. At the time I was an options trader and we would get up early to watch the 1st financial reports. Futures, Opening of the Market and the release of Options.
10 yrs ago I picked up the phone and told numerous options desk ‘we are at war’ before we even knew what was happening. The traders I knew saved billions of the US economy that day. Many of them are no longer with us.
10 yrs ago I was on the phone to my colleagues in tower 2 when we I heard the screams in the background and my friend say "oh my god…" and the line went dead. I had trained and lived with those people for years. They were friends, partners, colleagues and family.
10 yrs ago 40 people left for our fair city never to make it.
10 yrs ago 40 people who were strangers became a cause and then hero’s never to know just how heroic they were and are.
10 yrs ago will never be long enough.
Some people will say "never forget"
I know how they brain works. I say
"Always and All Ways Remember.

Today is a tough day for many & myself that were personally touched by the events of Sept 11th.

I ask all to take 10minutes of silence to honor those that have passed, those that made your life possible today and all that you are Grateful and Thankful for. Since, you are able to and many alive and dead are not.

I, also, ask that you send $10 to the American Red Cross. It is a small gesture and every small gesture joins with another to become a greater cause.

I wont be posting today save this post. This will always be a reverent day for me.


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Sad, sad, sad day for people all around the world.

Cheers Phoenix, sorry to hear about your loss bro.

User Comment:
Thank You

Now lets make some money, have some fun and make/leave the World a Better place then we found it!


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