A few questions about Lead Impact…

I am popping my PPV cherry because of the ipad newbie competition, however, after creating my campaign I have some questions while I wait for it to get approved…

1. using the popup tester in the affexpert tools for lead impact, I notice that when I click through to the offer the windows stays the same size and only a small section of the offer page shows, is this supposed to happen and is there a way to prevent this?

2. on leadimpact, I can not drop my bid below .02 cents, will this change when it goes live? I have no competition on a lot of the urls/keywords… if I can start bidding lower, how low can I go?

User Comment:
1) You can open your link in a new window using target="_blank" in your <a href=""> code. Maybe it’s just an affportal thing?

2) Depends on the category you have select while creating the campaign

The Article Published IN 06-21-2011 08:37 AM

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