A gem of a tip

I’m going to keep this tip to the paid forum community but Markus just gave this one out for free on Wickedfire:

Originally Posted by MarkusPOF
Session depth…. I’d duplicate every campaign 3 times and have them targetted to

Session Depth 0-20
Session Depth 21-40
Session Depth 41-60

The CTR for Session Depth 41-60 is half of 0-20. Targetting Session Depth 0-20 doesn’t mean your ad is going to show up 20 times, it just means your add will show up in the users first 20 pageviews.

Originally Posted by BenPOF

Truth, if you’re going to run a session depth test in parallel, don’t use the same ads for all 3 campaigns as the early session depth ads will have an affect on the other session depths (basically people seeing the same ads 9 times if they hit 40+ session depth @ a frequency cap of 3).

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