A Goldmine of What Motivates PoF Users to Try Different

A Goldmine of What Motivates PoF Users to Try Different Sites

We know capturing people’s frustrations and providing them with a solution to their problems is important, especially when trying to convince people that they need to sign up for our dating site instead of PoF.

Here are a ton of people complaining about PoF/praising PoF and saying what makes it good/bad. There are some pretty evident trends if you take the time to read through the comments:…

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This has just given me a whole host of new ideas….cheers mate.

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Thats one awesome find!!

Here are some comments that provide some great insight and possible angles for campaigns:

Uhhhhh… someone without a car IS in fact a loser.

Plenty of Old Fish I call it. Many wornout hags whose best days are long past and without common(?) courtesy.

Ninety percent of the women I contacted on POF–and I contacted a lot just to see how many would reply to my message–didn’t even bother replying in return; they only looked at my profile.

There are as many old hags as OLD farts. I’m 44 and was trying to look for someone around my age. To my surprise, the same guys that were there 6months ago were still there searching for that SPECIAL ONE woman in their lives, which is a F* buddy.

The other kind of man is a MARRIED man. I can’t tell you how many married men I discovered on there….. and I wasn’t looking for them.

Finally, the men are all shallow. I was always honest in my listing of body type… it cracks me up how many men put they are athletic…. and they are far from it.

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BOOOM! Sweet find, and thanks for sharing! That can definitely be used in many ways

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solid gold!

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So much win. Thanks for sharing!

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great find!

I always love reading legitimate reviews of products when Im in research mode for my campaigns because you get the TRUTH and all the objections of why people like/dislike something. is amazing for this. If you are pushing Hydroxatone wrinkle cream for example, you can find some reviews on Amazon and see what people actually think of it and many times WHY they bought it

If your offer doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon itself, you could try looking at Twitter and – or just look at a competing product that does have reviews on Amazon. You can still get lots of valuable insights by reading the reviews of stuff that is in the same niche.

anyways, great find on POF and thx for sharing!

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Here there are even more reviews of POF –

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