about lead quality question

my AM always say that they will wait advertiser to check lead quality.

my question is:
if advertiser say your lead quality is bad, what’s happen?

network will not give you your payment?

User Comment:
i believe that means your lander will not get approved because they think it will generate bad leads…

User Comment:
They may drop your payout or scrub leads, or reject your lander.

User Comment:
but how they will do about generated lead?

they will pay or not pay?

User Comment:
They have to pay you for the leads you sent before they decide to reduce payout/reject/scrub etc, unless they are blatantly fraudulent or something like that.

Otherwise they are asking you to piss money into the wind at the leisure of some random advertiser you don’t know, just for the chance to run traffic to them. Affiliates don’t do that.

The Article Published IN 09-02-2011 06:50 AM

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