ad extensions via phone or address?

Hey there search guru’s.

Looking for a little advice from the peanut gallery on using ad extensions with address or phone number.

This is for a brick and mortar biz. Have you noticed any positive results in using these? Any tips or experience you’d like to share?

vague newb question I know, but just looking for a little insight to see if it’s worth my while to use them, because obviously with Aff offers this isn’t an option I get to play with much.

User Comment:
Definitely use site extensions on your ads, its free also if offline conversions are the biggest drive then you should look into using Adwords call metrics as well. Its a bit pricey at 1 dollar a call but it directly ties your offline conversions to your paid search.

The poor mans way to get around paying a dollar a call? go set up a google talk free number the put it in your ad copy. It won’t be tied to Adwords or specific ad groups but it will be counted. This is also great to use on your website as well. You aren’t supposed to use these free account for business but if you aren’t getting hundreds of calls a day to should be ok. I use and that provides call tracking as well $10/mth.

The Article Published IN 09-23-2011 01:29 PM

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