Ad Networks You Trust With Conversion Figures? Sitescout/ Pof ?

Ad Networks You Trust With Conversion Figures? Sitescout/ Pof ?

So instead of having the data with p202 or cpvlab exclusively and adding more redirects/loose screws, we can just use the original link and monitor conversions in the ad network…

But how SAFE is this? Cant someone who works for the ad network just view your campaigns and your links/ conversions and replicate? Or perhaps just learn how your targeting and do something similar?

Do you guys trust Sitescout / POF with that info?

I’m pretty much good with Adwords and Adcenter since their big corps but like what about the rest? WE can also go farther down and include sites like infolinks/ 50 on red/ etc..?

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i have spent a fair amount on site scout and have never had an issue……I like there tracking platform alot actually……if it just could rotate offers its would be 100% perfect….you can rotate offers….you just have put things thru a basic php rotator….and as long as the offers are setup in there platform it works….

I just wish it had a way to rotate and pause whats not working… it can do with creatives…..that would be very very cool….

anyways…..simple answer is no….I don’t worry…..they could find out anyways if they really wanted….no matter what you did….

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I would not worry about that at all. They are in the business of selling traffic and most won’t bother making peanuts with affiliate offers.

You should be much more concerned with your affiliate network running your campaigns "internal". They have ALL your data

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As to what deon was saying,

These networks have really to much on the line in my opinon to risk stealing campaigns and getting caught. Just isn’t worth the short term gain.

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