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Hi there

Yesterday evening I uploaded 4 test campaigns (Facebook) with 15 ads each, $25 per day/campaign and with the lowest suggested CPC per ad.

  • The campaign was approved within 30mins.
  • I had 0 (zero, nil) impressions on all four campaigns.

I keep getting this message from fb:
Issues preventing your ad from getting delivery
Modifications recommended: This ad is not being shown on Facebook. There are a number of things you can do to increase the chance of your ad being delivered, including raising your bid, expanding your budget, making your creative more engaging, and changing your targeting.[/I]

What I tried:

  • I raised CPC from 0.50 to 0.80 then to 1.00
  • I raised the daily budget to $50

I guess my targeting is ok, never had problems before…

Still zero impressions… any ideas?

And btw… How would FB know about the quality of my creatives if they didn’t deliver anything?

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Strange. I’m having the same problem. I’ve set my budgets to $1000/campaign and its still not displaying.

Must be an issue with them.

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What I have learnt that it is usually a waste of time trying to
"figure out" what FB is thinking.

It’s usually better to go ahead and build out other campaigns
and pray to the God of Big Numbers!

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I’ve got 12 active campaigns on this account – spending $1k in a few hours easy.

I’ve noticed that this new alert thing they introduced is probably the cause – first time I saw it and now its not displaying my ads

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i just paused the campaigns… resubmitting now *grmbl

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All my campaigns stopped getting impressions. Most have been running for quite some time. I have an almost 100% approval rate on the account and just had a whole batch of ads approved.

Set budgets super high and bid super high = all getting 0 impressions.

Anyone have any ideas?

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new campaigns got approved but no impressions so far 🙁

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ya, im having the same issue. I have re-submitted with segmentation dropped and gotten some traffic.

me thinks FB is upto something!


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Ads are running again BUT the bids have doubled.

Dunno WTF is up but I had top double my bids to see any traffic. Up to $2.50 on Canadian traffic just to get impressions.


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@deondup : how much averagely your CPC for your $2.50 bid ?

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Originally Posted by hd2010

@deondup : how much averagely your CPC for your $2.50 bid ?

0.70 – 0.90 – its at the upper end of suggested bid.

Something is up though cause my estimated bids and ad delivery is all over the place.

Impressions very inconsistent and there seems to be a big delay in reporting in FB interface.

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My interface has been buggy for ages… I’ve had my suggested bids at around 0.10 – 0.22 cents for all my campaigns no matter the CTR. Makes things interesting when launching a new one.

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Having the same problem…

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Upload the exact same campaign 3 times – saw some lol results

#1 – no impressions
#2 – 20,000+ impressions in 30 minutes
#3 – 100,000+ impressions in 30 minutes

All bids where super high to broad demo’s.

Testing this across different accounts now to see what works.

@ Lavish
BTW – I found that a prepaid credit card from Australia Post (of all things) actually work on FB!

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ya something is up…..I use a api tool and the bids are fucked…..they say something waaaaaaaay low suggested bid wise….they may be changing things around…..thats my guess

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after 4 days of zero impressions, various tests etc. I set my bid to $2.50 today (lowest cpc = 0.49). and i got…. *drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumrooooooooll*….. 5 impressions on 1 ad out of 100. yay! *narf

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Ugh can’t get traffic on my main account for shit…

But my other accounts rolling…

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Double the max bid and you’ll get traffic again.

You won’t pay that much but it is much more expensive though.

I’ve tested this across 2 different accounts and with campaigns in different countries and its completely screwed up.

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I’ll just jump on this thread and cast another vote for something is fucked up in facebookland

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Interface update coming soon…expect it to be much more shitty for affiliates.

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Originally Posted by deondup

Interface update coming soon…expect it to be much more shitty for affiliates.

Is that just a guess? Or did you see it somewhere?

The Article Published IN 07-20-2011 11:02 AM

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