ADD vs. Focus

I wanted to post and let some of the newer guys know that ADD isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

A lot of people will tell you to find a traffic source, pick a niche, and master it.

I don’t subscribe to this logic. And if you look closely at most of the successful affiliates (Mr. Green for example), you can see that they run multiple different traffic sources, a variety of campaigns, and take things at different angles.

I once was a "focus" kind of guy. Pretty much anywhere you go these days, people are telling you multitasking is bad, you need to "master" one thing and then move on, yadda yadda. This is true, to a certain extent.

If you’re a new affiliate and you instantly try to get into social, PPV, media buying and emailing all at once you’re just going to get burned and have no success.

But this is one of those "know the rules, then you can break them" kind of things that I really advocate doing for these reasons:

#1) Facebook/Google/TrafficVance bans you? Who cares, on to the next one. This actually happened to me some time ago when dating was hot and I had my account banned along with a ton of my friends. Almost all of them aren’t advertising anymore because they figured out Facebook but stopped at that. I was able to move on to the next traffic source and try out different campaigns.. and then even wait it out and get back on Facebook while everyone kind of died off.

#2) You can chase what’s hot. If you’re pegged as the "social guy" or the "PPV" guy you’re probably going to be stuck running those campaigns. Wouldn’t it suck to be someone who specializes in dating and then something really hot on PPV comes along but you don’t know anything about PPV? It’s going to take you a month to get into PPV and by then the campaign is probably not making money anymore. If you know all the traffic sources you can quickly position yourself to reap huge profits off new campaigns before anyone else can. For me it sucked to be the guy that watched as a ton of people went to making 3k a day in profit off penny-bid websites when I didn’t have a clue how to promote them. Don’t be that guy!

#3) Learning one traffic source compliments others. For example, keyword research scared the ish out of me so I never messed around with search; I didn’t know how to code landing pages so I just direct linked; I became pidgeonholed and stagnant on my one traffic source and was seeing diminishing returns. But as soon as I opened up my eyes and tried out new traffic sources, I slowly and surely learned all the pieces to internet marketing (display, targeting, landing page), and they all compliment each other. Tricks you learn on PPV can translate into stuff you can use on other sources. For example, learning to bid on PPV keywords and get conversions on sites? Go hit em up for Media Buys! Probably going to convert too. etc. etc. I can’t stress this enough, as it makes you a more well rounded affiliate marketer.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, never get too pinned down on one traffic source or niche. Try it all. It’s a game of numbers so keep em coming.

User Comment:
Great point. I have a planned blog post about this, on my planned blog… heh…

The biggest problem I have is on the ADD side, I tend to come up with so many ideas when I’m working on something I end up abandoning the one I’m working on and just get overwhelmed.
End result = NOTHING.

User Comment:
Diversity is key in this game, but make sure to master a couple of sources before going all out. ADD is kind of a double edged sword. Learn to tame the beast, and you are golden.

User Comment:
It is definitely a double edged sword. For example I paid $xxx for a really intricate landing page that was completed a month ago + the translation services and I’m too lazy to plug the text in and get the campaign running…

Because I have a PPV landing page that needs to get set up first…

But I gotta make sure my FB campaigns are updated.. etc…

Eventually everything falls into place.

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