Adding Date on LP’s

Hey guys,

Couldn’t find it (although I know it is around!). If I want to fetch todays date and play with that variable ie:

Get it before August 8th.


Supplies limited after August 5th.

How would I do that?


User Comment:…-from-me-free/

Or if you need diffrent display google for "javascript date"

User Comment:

HTML Code:
<?php echo date("F jS"); ?>

will output "August 8th" (today)

HTML Code:
$days = 3; // how many days from today?
$days = $days * 86400; // calculating...
echo "Get it before ".date("F jS", time() + $days);

will output "Get it before August 8th"

The Article Published IN 08-08-2011 08:01 AM

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