Addon Network: Confused With Traffic Types?

When you create a new campaign, you get to choose the traffic type:

Desktop Software (afterwards shows either desktop or publisher option)
Publisher ( afterwards shows various categories/niches to add)
Traffic For Affiliates (shows only this one to choose)

Which one do I choose/ best one? I dont really care for any of it I just want to target specific urls… and get the most traffic..

Im assuming I should just click publisher and choose all categories? Let me know

User Comment:
I used desktop software which means adware traffic.

Lately I tested Traffic for Affiliates ( which is desktop software minus some non converting partners ).

However I wouldn’t just go for desktop software and track partner ids on my end.

Their traffic is already low , no need to reduce it even more.

The Article Published IN 08-01-2011 09:08 PM

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