Affiliate companies acting shady.

So does anyone else worry that affiliate companies are actively working to steal your campaigns. I often find that some will pull offers from you when you start making a lot with them, a recent example being CX for me. I just got a call from an AM at another company who "wanted to make sure there were no fraud leads" because I was sending good volume to them and said the advertiser would not pay for any fraud though I have been running this offer for quite some time without any complaint of fraud (and the advertiser is very strict and wastes no time in pulling campaigns etc). I’m wondering if these guys are setting me up to get screwed…

Anyone else here ever been burned?

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I’ve been burned, but not by the way you mentioned. I don’t fully understand what your worried about though? Just losing the offer in general, or your affiliate manager stealing your campaign or something?

To be honest it’s 50/50. Sometimes it’s even the advertiser stealing the campaign from you, and wants less competition. Does the offer exist elsewhere? I’ve never been a fan of CX even many years ago when they were popular and recently there’s been a lot of bad news circling around them.

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Yeah I’m worried they might be stealing campaigns. Anyhow do you think some Advertisers hate cloaked links?

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Originally Posted by stackman

I’ve been burned, but not by the way you mentioned.

Mind sharing the details? Looking for: how you got burned, what you learned, and how it could be avoided in the future, if possible.

Would love to hear from anyone else too.

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This is an important question. Would love to hear a response too.

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It’s the nature of the business.. where there is money to be made there is always someone looking for an easy way to cash in. In adult its way more common then in the big networks..

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