Affiliate toolbar provider – third biggest advertiser on Facebook…ng_affilia.php

An interesting case of affiliate advertising. I wonder how many millions they spent on that and what’s their ROI.

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Yeah just read that article and sounds interesting even not sure if that is "legal" though.

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Nice! Thanks for the article! That was really interesting

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anyone took a look on, the company behind this? Trying to find the source of their toolbar to advertise on their network, probably a PPV?

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Is that why toolbars are banned? And how are they different from like gamevance?

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sorry for bumping this old thread but i just read that article and there is a lot misinformation in it. it doesn’t seem like the author did his research very well!
if im not mistaken was a huge mobile subs offer sometime ago, ive never run it but I remember seeing it a lot. so even if it was doing so well in terms of big $$ spend on FB the traffic went to the mobile offer and not to the plugin/Bing thing. also if the "" was 3rd higher spender on FB i think it just means that so many affiliates were pushing this offer.

just my thoughts! i may be wrong here but there is also a comment under the article that somehow proves me right:

"Your assumption that what you see on today was there when the Facebook spend was made is wrong. This huge spend was made at a time when was a mobile subscription offer. If you take a look at Alexa you’d notice Make-My-Baby huge peak was in Q1 and kept receiving some decent traffic on Q2. In Q2 Viveli/GameTheory were forced out of mobile and turned to a toolbar model. The toolbar is only receiving a tiny fraction of what the mobile offer was receiving, and very far away from being #3 on Facebook. "

The Article Published IN 01-18-2011 11:56 AM

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