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Hello all –

I’m UK based, and was about to cancel my subscription here (didn’t have much time to read up), then spent an hour or so reading through the valuable tips, so thought I might do another month to see how we go! Got suckered in my Mr. Green’s blog post advertising this forum, so figured there’ll be something useful here.

Background in programming/mining data and have done okay in Amazon affiliates, but am looking to branch out – keeping up with SEO is a ball ache.

Just getting Prosper202 set up and running, then am looking to start some ZIP/Email submits, as well as some very targeted Amazon landing pages from stuff I’ve already learnt (product niches that convert well, but I don’t want to fight the SERPs).



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Hey Billy – welcome to the community!

The Article Published IN 06-27-2011 02:46 PM

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