Aloha Ya’ll from Wilmington, NC!

Hey guys. I just realized I have been on here a month with my jaw dropped reading all killer threads and haven’t introduced myself. I know a few of you from other forums and facebook but most on here I don’t know.

I am stoked to be a part of this group and thanks so much to those who have shared so much.

I live in Wilmington NC, but am originally from Newport Beach CA. Have been in ecommerce since 2004 with my company, founded and sold Pacific Medial ( and have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years but kinda half assed because I am always pulled in so many directions. Not really a good excuse I know.

Great to meet all of you.

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really, no love? I thought this forum was better than that.

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Originally Posted by mattias

really, no love? I thought this forum was better than that.

here is the love…..

sorry about the missed thread…..we have made changes to the "whats new" tab as threads were getting missed…..yours was one……

welcome to the forum……we’ed love to hear some good tips for eCommerce stuff as we tend to be rather CPA heavy here…….seems like you got that side of the biz running strong

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Welcome to the forums mate!

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