Anatomy of a Landing Page

Just came across this cool infographic while browsing the interwebs… Figured fellow stackers may be able to take something from it!…raphic/?wide=1


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Thanks, looks pretty cool!

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Nice one, the color descriptions are great

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Will definitely be using this. Thank you!

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Yeah, that’s a very solid guide for that style of LP. I’ve used it quite recently on a film lander, actually.

Nice share!

If you’re looking for other LP templates, btw, here’s Maynzie’s dating LP template (about half way down the post). I know that Finch has shared his standard LP template on these forums too, which is extremely good (and quite similar to the KissMetrics one).

Hmm, I should do an index of LP style templates…

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Solid infographic.

Check out and their blog, lots of great tips, tricks and resources on landing pages.

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Thanks, good stuff. Yes, is a really good resource for learning about "conversion" centered design.

What is working for you best, guys? These simple landing pages, with a few bullets, maybe a video, short info and call to action, or landing pages, which are full of info and you need to scroll down like 100 times?

I plan to make a short 7-15 page report soon, and I’m not sure, which style to use. I suspect a 50 sec video and a few really good description sentences would be cool. I’m not sure if people like those info filled landing pages – on one hand, it provides a lot of good info, but on the other hand, a person can loose interest if it takes too long to read.

What’s your experience or thoughts on this?


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Very much depends on the offer and the targeting: I don’t think there’s an overall winner in LP design.

Obviously, some niches work better with some LPs: the Rules LP dominates adult, for example (no pun intended). But generally, I’d say step 1 of lander optimisation is to test a bunch of very different designs against each other: short form vs long form vs video LP vs…

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Thanks, caurmen. So no one-size-fits-all landing pages then.

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If only.

This is an important point, actually: one of the big things that can really sap your profits is getting into the habit of using a single style of lander. It’s very important to test as widely as possible: you won’t believe the variance in what works between apparently similar campaigns.

There are general guidelines that usually work – branding the LP to match the advertiser’s brand, for example – but even they aren’t universal.

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