Another Case Study Gone Bad

Hey guys,

Its me again with another case study, trying to see where I went wrong with PPV and I figured if I get others insights on it I could maybe see why I didn’t do well:

Offer: Music Download Site

Lps tested: 9.20% lp ctr 0.34% s/u 7.96% lp ctr 0.52% s/u 3.48% lp ctr 0.12% s/u 2.22% lp ctr 0.00% s/u

At this point in my testing I started to think that it might be my landing pages and that it might be my targets so I started targeting music download sites and hit a site with a ton of traffic:

Lps tested: 3.67% lp ctr 0.52% s/u 1.87% lp ctr 0.37% s/u 2.33% lp ctr 0.78% s/u 2.19% lp ctr 0.19% s/u 1.86% lp ctr 0.19% s/u 2.16% lp ctr 0.43% s/u 1.58% lp ctr 0.00% s/u

All views were at .015 cents and the offer payout was 1.25. It converted well for one domain and I was trying to expand it using the similiar concept but as you can see from the attempts no matter what I did or the help I was given has managed to make a dent in the LP ctr. Now im posting this here for you guys to see and maybe offer suggestions as to what you would of done differently?

Thanks for all the help anyone has offered me thus far, I really do appericate the effort.

User Comment:
as its 0.015 per view – is this leadimpact?

if so – immediate observation is that your call to action button is below the fold on your best performing LP. LI window size is 780 x 400 so to be safe I normally go for 750×400. Realize that the second landing page had it right at the top but was performing worse so I could be wrong here.

9.2% CTR is good so I would continue building on that one.

Maybe try and test a different artist.
Have you tried to play some audio?

Regarding the 2nd set – imesh related ones

– social proof – include something about the total members on and how many new members are joining every day
– fear – pray on their fear. if imesh is less secure then your offer, maybe show their ip and use some copy about anonymity, security,government tracking downloaders

On both – rather then testing design variations in your first test, I have started taking a more extreme approach and testing radically different angles.

Ones You know the best converting angle – then optimize design elements.

Lastly – try a different offer. It could just be that the offer signup page does not convert well. Particularly if you get high CTR but low SU.

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The reason I choose this style is because for one domain it’s converting 25-30% with a 12% Lp ctr and I have tried to mimic it but so far hasn’t been succeeded and the offer has disappeared so this campaign is done for.

What kind of different design approach?

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Sorry not sure I understand your question. Are you referring to my point about ‘testing different angles?’

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Thanks for the help.

But I am still lost on one domain converts extremely well for the offer and has all the right pieces to the puzzle and these two didn’t? All i was working on was trying to scale it and that blew back in my face.

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Anyone else got advice to offer for this study? Im still sitting on the one domain making decent $$ a day but looking to scale and havent acheived it yet. Any help is welcomed.

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Hey jroes, can you just clarify what your main question is? I’m a bit lost on whats currently working/what your looking for help with.

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No problem stack,

I may have trouble explaining myself as it seems like the case, but the issue I have one domain that converts for this the LP is tailored to the domain im targeting and its working wonders so I am trying to scale it to other sites and do the same effect, but so far I cant really progress since the CTR has been failing.

I tried scaling on other traffic sources and TV doesn’t convert anywhere near as good (no big surprise there)

So I am wondering on what I need to do next to continue to scale this campaign as I know it has potential and thats where the forum comes in to help me with ideas 😛

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Ok so you tried to scale that 1 profitable domain to other traffic sources such as TV but that didn’t work. So thats ‘vertical scaling’.

You’ve also tried scaling the campaign to other domains, thats ‘horizontal scaling’.

You need to try scaling further horizontally, so more domains.. if that doesn’t work you need to try a whole new angle.
I’m still a bit lost to be honest..

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I’m not sure how else to explain it.

I took my profitable domain and scrape 2-300 more domains related to it and made separate Landon pages for the top volume ones and the LP ctr was awful as you can see in the upper post with my links. What other sites do I need to try? If music download sites aren’t working or how can I improve my landing pages?

Still lost?
Simply put I’m trying to get this to work with more then one domain and I’ve tried adding 100s of other domains.

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I just don’t know what other domains, angles or niches you’ve tried. So it’s hard for me to recommend anything, also i don’t know what worked/is working well so i can’t even think of things that may work well based on the URL that was profiting.

All you’ve shown me is 10 landing pages you’ve made

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Ive tried the artist angle by linking them up to a free download of a new album that was just released, used the angle of download this artists music for free and used the angle as an alternate music downloading source and the only angle that profited was the alternate downloader and I tried to apply that to other sites like and and they didnt work out lp CTR wise,

So I am wondering from your eyes what can be done with those pages to make them more prone to draw user attention?

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Can i see the offer page again? How many artists did you try it with, because i remember you never tried it with any artists who have NEW cd’s coming out, and that’s what i recommend you do when we talked via PM.
I can’t help you with a landing page until we have an angle, then the landing page can be created based around how you plan to capture leads.

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