Another Free Landing Page ( PSD + HTML )



(Link is offline at the moment – we’re looking into getting it back – Caurmen)


Just getting my creative juices going with this one. Kinda different layout, but you never know until you test it ;-).

The black part is a image rotator that is preconfigured for 3 different images, you can add more if you know how to edit the XML file.

I was thinking this could be used for a lower payout offer to ask a question relating to the offer and help orientate the user towards the conversion.

Hope you guys like, leave me feed back on how it could be improved and I might release another version.

Take care everyone,


User Comment:
Man thanks for the awesome work! I’ll come back with some feedback.

User Comment:
no problem, let me know and we can tweak it into something awesome!

i was just playing around for half hour to try something new.

User Comment:
link is down

User Comment:
Hey Ryan, Do you have a new link?

User Comment:
I’m afraid this one may be down for a while – rawservices hasn’t been on the forum for a fairly long time.

I’ll update if I have any news!

The Article Published IN 09-08-2011 03:09 AM

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