Another NZ’er joins the ranks

Hey everyone,

Time for another NZ marketer to join the ranks. My name’s David, also known as Dave Save or by my eName "Zeno". I’m currently in Dunedin and studying Chemistry at the University of Otago down here, doing my PhD at the moment (currently nearing the 12 month mark). I originally come from the opposite side of the country (Kaitaia, top of the North Island). So I guess I’m used to warm sunny tropical weather and shit weather alike.

I don’t see many NZ folks around in the IM scene (other than Mr Green ofc) but I believe there are a few floating around here so I’m glad to bolster the ranks. I started seriously thinking about IM about a year ago, mainly SEO/free traffic methods + Clickbank offers. That sucked, and I hate playing the SEO game. I recently took a course with Chad Hamzeh (which was great btw, totally endorse his Traffic BlackBook) and the idea of paid traffic, optimisation and that sort of game went down a lot better with me.

I’m a hardcore science student so something more logical that involves testing is my niche. I look at data worse than what you all have to deal with every day so I felt all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Anyway my goals are to 1) pay off my student loan before I finish my PhD, 2) earn enough money while still doing my PhD to live like a playa, 3) be one of the top affiliate marketers in the country. Third one is probably not that hard since there doesn’t seem to be many of us around. All the good ones probably moved to AUS anyway. Fuckers.

So yeah, that’s me. I plan to do some follow alongs and share my failed campaigns with everyone when I can. I’m working only through Facebook and am using Social Ad Manager to streamline my campaigns, it’s pretty awesome. I’ve had a few failed campaigns so far an have pissed away about $750 USD, had a few random sales in there though. I won’t be launching 5 campaigns a day since my PhD is 9-6 most days but hopefully what I learn here will make a huge difference to my success.

No I don’t know Mr Green. And yes if he came to Dunedin I would run into him on the street. I have the uncanny special ability to run into particular people when they are in Dunedin regardless of when/where they are walking around town. True story.

That’s the end to my wall of text, enjoy.

Tl;dr: Hi, nice to meet y’all.

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Cool story zeno. Welcome aboard

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Kia Ora bro ….

Training run for The ABs Saturday night … !!!

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Welcome Zeno!

You are one of the few kiwi IMs that don’t live in Auck, down with the Jaffas! Hit me up if you ever head up to Wellington…Dunedin is a bit to chilly for me atm haha.

Nice to have ya here!

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Welcome to the community mate, if you need anything let me know!

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Hey Dave – fellow Dunedinite here! Moved over from Australia in October – love the place.

Keen for a beer?

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Hey man, yeah beer sometime sounds good. Hit me up on skype – username "deadlywave".

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