Any Advantage of Using Credit cards Vs Paypal for Facebook

Any Advantage of Using Credit cards Vs Paypal for Facebook ?

For multiple fb accounts do you guys use credit cards or paypal and reason why one would work better than the other?

Anyone know what would happen if I removed my paypal payment from account 1 and then added it to account 2 ? Kind of scared to try cause don’t want fb to ban me for suspicious payment activity.

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Unless you cancel the facebook account, when you move it to another account they will flag it up.

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FB and Paypal…..well tbh I have nothing but issues with paypal….even when the paypal accounts are legit….paypal shares info with FB

I would just use a CC

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Agree with Polar. There is no reason to use your CC and go through PayPal. Just go straight to your CC because FB will pick up all the details that you think gets hidden through PayPal. Name, address and CC will show up with FB even if its on your paypal account.

I would also say that if you have an account that is billing successfully you should probably not change it.

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if that’s the case then it would make it more difficult to sell my fb account and still reuse my paypal elsewhere.. Dang should of never used paypal in the first place now im stuck with this fb account LOL

OH what about the email associated with your fb account? Can i remove the email and put in a fake one when i sell my account and reuse my real email on a new fb account without getting flagged?

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I haven’t tried it but in theory if you change the MAIN/DEFAULT email on your paypal account then it may work. Don’t think that adding an email address will fool facebook. they always trace it back to the main email on the PayPal account.

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I feel facebook will still recorgnize the old email from your previous account. They definitely keep track of that and your cc number. Name they don’t, and address is a maybe.

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