Any Auto Insurance CTR tips?


I want to run some auto insurance campaigns again but when I previously did they tanked. Is there any tips to help with CTR ie, do pictures of cop cars, weird cars etc work or is it as simple as a picture of a car and some good copy and ppropriate call to action.

Does sound work well with auto insurance landers, should I have stuff flashing or is it pretty basic.


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Are you running on facebook or ppv or other traffic source

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Just PPV, Traffic Vance & Lead Impact, whichever I can get ot work

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Cop cars and weird cars work for sure.

Audio didn’t work for me but maybe I went the wrong way about it.

It fully depends on your targets. Something official looking could have a high CTR on some targets and a shitty CTR on other targets. Personally I found with auto insurance that the worse it looked the better it converted for PPV.

What did you try before that didn’t work?

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You could use images of weird cars, or cop cars, military vehicles, really anything outside of the normal cars people see on the street. I was messing around with MediArachnid (the url was posted in the Affiliate Marketing sub-forum the other day) and I downloaded a couple hundred "weird car" images off google images in a matter of minutes. That’s where I’d start.

If you were going to do the cop angle and are using PPV, you could try using an image that looks like the view of a cop car with its lights on through your rearview mirror or back window. Attach a few seconds of police siren noises and you’re sure to get their attention. If you want to do that I’d target sites for people with low income in states that require mandatory insurance for motorists (I know that’s the case here in NJ, you have to have liability insurance at the bare minimum) and use an angle like "You don’t need to worry anymore when this happens – find out how EVERYONE can afford insurance!". If it was me I’d use the "using this one weird tip" line and link the ppv lander to a short lander that talks about how the company you’re promoting is known for providing quality insurance for pennies a day and how now the reader will never have to worry about getting in trouble for not having insurance again. I’d play to the fear angle, since most people aren’t just afraid of being pulled over because they dislike the police, but people without insurance tend to be shit scared of having their car impounded, license revoked, fines, etc from getting caught driving without insurance.

Just my two cents. Take it with a grain of salt though, because I don’t promote on PPV much so I’m not speaking from experience.

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