Any coders wanna do a webinar for us?

It would be really awesome if one of you coder types did a webinar for us coding dummies.

Go over stuff like PHP, javascript…
Passing variables…

Taking someone else’s html/php/javascript (i.e., ye old aweber form)
and making changes to it so it works the way you want.

Maybe share some basic scripts we should all know how to use & edit –

countdown timers
geo location stuff
passing variables for coreg (especially when other things are involved – like CPV Lab, aweber…)
exit pops that are allowed on TV (not the ones that keep you from closing the window)
…and more.

I know the scripts are out there – here on the forum, out there on Google…

…it’s just that it takes me hours to get stuff working right – and it NEVER comes out exactly the way I want it.

And honestly…I’m tired of taking other people’s templates and having to work around those for my LPs.

I want to be able to design my LP, and then fit the code into it on my own.

Without too much weird shit happening. And with it actually working.

Just looking for a basic understanding of how this stuff works. And the ability to ask questions live.


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Originally Posted by liane

It would be really awesome if one of you coder types did a webinar for us coding dummies.


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We can get peole to do this. But we just need to make sure there is enough interest for a webinar on coding.

So if you are interested please let us know.

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I think it will be quit difficult to explain coding on a webinar.

However, Im quit happy to do a multi part video series if thats of any help

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liane, this is a great idea.

Definitely interested.

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I’m still trying to understand fortran77.

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Originally Posted by inversion

I’m still trying to understand fortran77.

this made me giggle

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trying to teach coding in a webinar would be tough. it would be easy if you were trying to teach how to code one specific "task" but to learn coding in general in a webinar is not really gonna happen.

you need to understand programming flow and logic if your gonna do some of the more complex things.

you would really need a whole "series" of webinars to really understand how everything fits together, like variables, arrays, if-then statements and loops. and there are already videos out there on the net doing this already.

but if your just looking for something simple like how to use variables and store cookies, i guess that could be done in a webinar

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I’ll do it in my spare time.. I would consider myself an advanced programmer. I’ve coded several affiliate networks, PTD sites blah blah etc. Hit me up if you want.

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