Any networks that do weeklies from day 1 with no

Any networks that do weeklies from day 1 with no threshold?

I’m trying to join new networks and would prefer to deal with those that have weeklies from the beginning with NO threshold. So far PKM is the only true one I know of but i’m trying to get more as it would probably be good for me and others who have cashflow issues.

I’m Canadian so definitely need networks with no international thresholds. Post of any that you know please!

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WSM, EWA, CPATank, few others do weeklies. I don’t know their rules on CA residents.

Check and you can find all of them

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I believe if you have cashflow issue, you can work out with the owner to get paid early

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MaxBounty does weeklies now too and are located in Canada as well if I’m not mistaken.

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Most networks will be open to weeklies if you can prove you have a good track record and can provide quality leads and volume. It also depends on the kind of offer you are promoting (some are very strict on lead quality while others take it all).

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If you’re getting paid by wires you have to pay wire fees (for most networks)
and you need to pay your bank.

I’m from Singapore so not sure if the same charges apply.

If you do $1000 per week you’d qualify for weeklies at most networks, which
is a reasonable sum.

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Some of those above are $50 min for weekly payments which is pretty easy to hit. Like everyone else said, prove you can give quality traffic and a bit of volume and you should be fine. Being in the US though I’m not sure how those rules/thresholds change for out of country payments, etc.

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I would agree with checking out Maxbounty if you are in CA. Their selection of offers seems to have gone down lately (by me anyway), buy they are still a decent network.

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I know CPATANK have usd50 biweekly, once you get things rolling, everything should be fine.

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