Anybody have any luck with CPVBidder? Not working for me..

Anybody have any luck with CPVBidder? Not working for me..

I downloaded it and tried to get it to work, multiple bugs and issues and have been emailing support with slight progress with all the issues. To date haven’t had it bid for me yet and doesnt grab all my campaigns either, let alone all creatives..

It sucks cus I dont see any other alternatives/ options for this and this is simply not working for me…

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I’ve used it since it first launched , december , and always worked fine on both LI and TV.

I’ve heard it has problems with huge campaigns ( 1000+ kws ) but that’s not my case.

My campaigns dont ever have more than 100 keywords.

Have you tried deleting campaigns you dont use anymore?

It really sucks since it can save quite some time.

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I had the same exact problem with CPVBidder, thats why i stopped using it. Campaigns with 1000+ keywords get all messed up and it starts glitching.

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I have >3000 targets in one campaign and can’t get
it working.

Ervin had a way to make 6000+ targets to work though,
so I’m working with him to find a way.

To his credit, he’s promised me a refund if I really can’t
get it working so he’s definitely legit.

But really, I’d much rather get it working.

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Yeah same here… just cant get it working so unsure what to do…

The Article Published IN 06-04-2011 05:40 PM

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