Anybody know of any free landing page creator (drag and

Anybody know of any free landing page creator (drag and drop) for a mac?

I want to make simple landing pages like with a question and yes or no buttons with a prize etc.

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You could take a look at the ‘Hype’ app. It’s on the App Store.

It’s mainly aimed at people that want to do HTML5 animations and stuff, but I don’t see why it can’t be used for basic landers. Worth checking what the pages render like in IE browsers though, as that will be your main audience.

User Comment: – It’s free to create landing pages and after that you can just save it to your browser. – Use it to fetch a landing page from a web address and edit it however you want.

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hey bbugra i checked the unbounce site and it says the pricing for the full version and that you can only get a certain amount of unique visitors per month. If i use ppv and send many times more traffic i wonder if that is allowed or not??

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It’s a great tool for split testing but i wouldn’t use it for ppv traffic,just create a lander using their online tool and save it to your computer,then upload it to your server instead of directly pushing traffic to unbounce.

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oh ok that makes sense

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