Anyone else have this problem with CPVLab and LI?

Just out of nowhere and randomly CPVLab will report a burst of 1k impressions to a keyword/url and that never shows in LI. Anyone else seen this happen? Kinda messes up ROI and LP ctr 😛

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yeah I’ve got that too. CPVLab showed about 8000 views on one target and the CPC was $160. Almost shit my pants for not watching the stats like a hawk. Luckily LI didn’t charge me.

Not sure why that happened.

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Stuck bot.

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Any idea how to erase those stats?

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same thing just happened to me today. ~1500 "views" totally messing up stats. no charges so no real damaging effect. I’m not sure how to fix it other than to export your data and fix it there. really annoying

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This happened to me again this morning, getting about 3,000 "ghost" views. No charges or anything associated with them. Does anyone know why this happens? I will ask my host if it could be occurring due to CPVLab. Not sure about the LI end.

Luckily my current campaigns don’t involve a lot of diversity in keywords, but later on something like this will be a huge pain…

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This has continued to happen every so often. I’ll get bursts of views for no apparent reason on my tracker that aren’t charged to my account and are way over any daily caps i set. This is independent from the normal 20-30% views dropped.

From what it sounds like, this is a problem with Lead Impact (stuck bot?) as I have been trying to isolate the problem between them and CPVLab support. Can any of you veterans confirm a diagnosis?

The next best thing to preventing this from happening, is to be able to fix it, but even that seems to be out of the question. Currently it’s easy to spot these aberrations because my budgets are so low, but if I were to do big volume there is no reliable way to figure out what my stats mean- which is a huge problem.

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I’m not a cpvlab pro or anything, but if this info helps…

I believe that someone else with this problem solved it by using one of the new feature that allows you to block ip’s. I believe what they said to do is to grab the ip of the bot – not sure exactly how to do this or I’d say. I’d guess you can get this from the stats in your cpanel.

If you ad this ip to the blocked traffic section of your cpvlab install (settings/blockedtrafficrules) you should cease to have the problem…..
until the next hungry bot comes along.

Hope that helps.

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that sounds like it could work. I’ll give it shot!

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Can someone post the BOT IP’s, … maybe there’s just one, … or maybe a few, but it would stop others from having the same issues going forward

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