Anyone ever have a successful long term POF campaign other

Anyone ever have a successful long term POF campaign other than dating?

I’ve tried a few times in other niches and nothing ever seemed to stick, and after browsing through the affexpert tools’ POF spy tool, it appears at first glance that no one else ever stuck with something more than a few days either (besides dating).

So, did anyone here ever have any luck with other niches that lasted more then a few days?

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Yes … always.

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I heard things like gaming and gift cards worked, havent tested it out personally

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just because you cant do it doesnt mean others cant

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I had a weight loss campaign that worked for a long time. POF has body type targeting, which makes it great for weight loss.

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I’ve had quite a few of them, targerting options on pof make anything possible really

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I’ve had success selling Clickbank ebooks. The ROI can be insane but being a CPS offer the CVR would be usually around 1-2%. So some days you may not get sales but still ad costs. So you need to watch it closely and look at weekly or monthly roi and be aware of seasonality too.

Also watch the refund rate which typically is around 10% or less for a good product which can occur 60 days after the sale and sometimes longer…..but as they’re many crap products on Clickbank some have a very high return rate. You can calcualte the current refund rate with the data provided by Clickbank…..just Google for the formula.

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