Anyone Ever Use 1up ads?

Its a game advertising network from my experience I have gotten super high CTRs around .7 but no conversions. Not sure where the traffic is coming from.

Heres the link:

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Depending on the type of ads they allow, on other gaming traffic sites I can pull a 5%~ CTR. The best bet I can give you is keep it ugly, simple, flashy. Bright red/blue blinking fast.…tising-Website
I’m guessing they don’t have a lot of traffic or this is really a untouched network.
From what I’ve seen with gaming traffic, you need to get a high ctr with a lot of clicks because usually they don’t convert great, at least for me.(I’ve been doing downloads more then regular gaming)

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Yea it was just up for sale, they get a decent amount of traffic, okay Ill try ugly maybe my banners are to pretty.
They only allow CPC and the minimum for USA is .045

The Article Published IN 06-28-2011 05:10 AM

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