Anyone got a Media Traffic contact?

I had a Media Traffic account with funds that I hadn’t used in a while. Now I can’t log in, I’ve been trying to find out if my account was deleted for days but the don’t reply.

If anyone has a contact there that would reply I would really appreciate it.


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Ben is my AM there.

Here are his details :

Ben Calef
Account manager

t. 514.448.4316 x2828

icq. 632 248 645
email. [email protected]
skype. ben.mta
aim. [email protected]

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my account rep is Jimmy…

He is super awesome guy at media traffic and does things really quickly…

Jimmy Vienneau

ICQ: 551258192
Tel: 514-448-4316 ext: 2290
[email protected]

BY the WAY,

i wanted to post about huge click disprepancy over at Media Traffic and wonder if any of you ever experience any of this…

Clicks shown in Mediatraffic = 8772
Clicks shown in P202 = 2021

Even though there’s this huge clicks differences, i was still able to make a profit, so i’m not complaining much actually…

I’m wondering if it because of the alert pop i placed that is affect this…

Have anyone here experienced this?

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thanks a million guys

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