Anyone has success with Mate1?

Dating has been good to me lately, so I’ve been working through offers and taking careful notes.

Tried Mate1 for the first time yesterday and threw a TON of traffic at it – but not a single conversion. (?)

The merchant’s lander did not seem overly complicated (to me), so I was at a loss as to why it had grown it’s own force field with regards to my traffic which was targetted for the dating crowd. Actually they had updated their landers to include facebook login, which I thought may smooth the path somewhat.

Just shows you I know nothing!

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Did you ask your AM for recent data concerning the offer?

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Yep. Looked good on paper. But …

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I’ve tried running it on several networks and it’s always the same story. Shit converts like fire for the first few days (huge EPCs), then conversions stop completely. Not sure what the deal is, but I stick with for my general dating offer now.

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Interesting – I’ve always struggled with all but one dating offer to get good conversions. Won’t mention it by name, but it always consistently converts at 20%+.

I’m having another bash at Mate1 as I can usually get male traffic, but too much of it with my normal offer and they throw a wobbly and reduce my payout. So this time i spent some more time building a cool lander that resembles a Mate1 page, added in the correct text and images for my target niche, and after last nights first attempt it shows a little promise.

But have to say, every time before, it does exactly what you say, promising signs of something, then it goes to shit. VERY frustrating.When you see conversions go from 20% to 3% over 48hrs, you got to think the advertiser is screwing you somewhere…

Interesting to see piniped recommends True… EWA are always banging that home as well…. but it always looks like such a lame landing page…

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I used to run a lot of traffic to Mate1 and it was my main offer (had a really high payout). For female traffic certain landers did very well and males converted at a decent rate. (I ran a very targeted male camp with a lander and lots of offers converted well on that one)

These days I’m more of a fan of the "quick signup" style offers that use a log in pop over the profile pics.

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I thought the new Facebook landers for it would help, I haven’t tried them yet… they workin for people?

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Mate1 seems to convert well some days, then completely die on others. I ran it in April-May and it’d convert at 40% one day and 3% the next. Keep an eye on your day parting as there were certain hours that it would just stop converting for me.

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I think I figured out Mate1 in my case.

When I setup the campaign the offer was for ‘Social traffic’. Looking at it today is now listed for ‘facebook ONLY’. As my traffic was not from facebook, I’m guessing they scrubbed any conversions. My fault for not checking daily on the offer.

Note to self: ‘you’re an idiot!’. <SLAP>

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Mate1 shave like fuckers.

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