Anyone have any examples of facebook landing pages for niche

Anyone have any examples of facebook landing pages for niche dating?

Can’t seem to get my creativity juices flowing for this its in the gaming niche. Trying to promote a general offer like

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split test and learn from it 🙂 if someone shows you an’s already saturated..think about it

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Read this post you will find many Facebook style, i have learned so much in this post:…28Singapore%29!

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You can direct link to most dating offers and see good results. (HINT: the actual offer pages convert well)

If you are taking a specific angle (good idea on FB) you will probably need a landing page. Just take the actual offer page and hack it up. What works for one campaign won;t necessarily work for another. It depends on the angle and the offer. Keep it simple and you’ll be okay. Always split test different ideas!

Big campaigns are built on original ideas. Taking a lander that "works" will more than likely yield mediocre results

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Yea ive been trying to research my competition to find some landers, but havnet been successfully. lol
Thanks for the tips yea I may need a lander the offer page isn’t converting well enough 😛

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ugly works when it comes to dating landers.

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Got a landing page pieced together thanks for the help

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