Anyone heard of some playboy/rock legend contest from xy7?

Hey guys,

I recently joined Xy7 and was curious if anyone else knew anything else about this playboy mansion party affiliate contest they’re having. I thought it was pretty cool I guess, just because I’m a big rock fan and they have some chances to mingle with some classic rock stars.

How do contests like this work? I’ve never really entered too many of them, but I feel like this one might be a nice bonus at the end of one of my first quality campaigns.


Matt P

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Saw it in kevin’s link:
I briefly went thru the details, kinda confused with the prize actually.

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Im pretty sure the first prize is like, a day with some rockstars, and 6 people below win a trip to the playboy mansion. Neither one sounds bad at all. Pretty cool.

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Affiliate contests crack me up, pretty sure its whoever they decide to bring, there is no way to verify that the standings they show are accurate. I doubt any network would be willing to release their affiliates private data like that.

So start brown nosing like you mean it.

The Article Published IN 09-07-2011 03:35 PM

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