Anyone Know How To Hide The Green Text Links In

Anyone Know How To Hide The Green Text Links In Your Pops?

Its bundled with toolbar software and its used for intext advertising any way we can disable it I think its effecting my LP ctr’s.

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or just make the txt an image…..only dynamic insert what you need to

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This, easy and simple to implement. Works wonders!

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There is also the left hidden div that people use where the div is stuffed with high end KWs like insurance and debt.

Most toolbars go after the highest paying KWs it scans on your pages, if you make a div that is left aligned and located -9999px to the next div ( or right or bottom, etc ) and stuff that div with high end KWs, then the tool bar will link those KWs. Most of the time the max linked KWs on a page will be 3-4. Since the div is hidden from view, your users never see it.

Try it out

The Article Published IN 09-01-2011 03:24 AM

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