Anyone play with QR codes?

Qr codes have been heavily adapted in Japan, over 70% of people scan something daily…
Over the past few weeks I have started testing it in my ad copy(driving people to wap pages) and also have now added it to one of our properties for people to get info. Has anyone else tested it? So far Facebook and myads have approved all ads with the code as the image.

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I actually saw one in the newspaper today which got me thinking about using them as "coupons" on mobile landing pages.

I think I might start having a little play around with them.

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I have been thinking about making some stickers with captions below a qr code and sticking them around town as a test. Like on gas pumps with a gas card submit. The goal would be to make it look like it is supposed to be there.

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I wanted to test them out on FB myself. Good to know they are getting approved.

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what sort of results have you seen Kevin ?

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I was trying to figure out why this conversation sounded familiar…I brought this up on a recent webinar (can’t remember which course it was) and we had a whole discussion about the use of QR codes for mobile marketing.

One of the most awesome ideas that came up (in my opinion, anyway) was putting QR codes for a dating site on bar coasters (with a good call to action, of course).

Get a bunch of guys sitting alone at the bar looking for a date to sign up.

The only cost would be:
1) buying the coasters
2) selling the bar on the idea of using your coasters (free to them).

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Great idea!
Phoenix, So far my largest investment of time was finding a QR code maker that was the most scalable,Trackable and robust and I ended up with a small division of pitney bowes. It is not good for like "me cards" but great for campaign info and what we are using them for. So far on facebook the only add we are running is one for our contest. ill post stats tomorrow

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A recent study done in my country (Finland) shows that only 6% of all the people know wtf is a QR code. And that’s a damn shame since the whole effin mobile industry (gsm, nokia, anyone?) was pioneered here. So maybe not a good idea here Hopefully things change soon, that sounds like great fun.

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I have a mobile marketing company http://hookdmobile .com a quick and easy thing to use that also provides analytics is to use the google url shortner (requires a google account to get analytics) throw your offer url in it with you tracking redirect. it will make shortned url

if you click on details it will show you analytics for this code is on that screen you have to be signed into your google account when you make the url. Hope this helps

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QR codes are a great way to transfer your potential convertor from the desktop platform to the mobile platform.

Putting your desired QR code on a lander with text like ‘Don’t show mobile user’s this’ gets ’em scanning for sure. I also use them to get people to like my facebook pages. The scan it and they’ve ‘liked’ it.

QR codes are the ‘wanted’ posters of the 21st century.

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Damn that QR code is small how can I get a bigger one? Now notice under the QR code there is a url. its simply the shortened url with .qr after

Paste this into your browser bar
Notice the it show up a little bigger default at 150×150 simply change this value in your browser bar say from 150 to 300 then hit enter & bingo, a bigger code!

User Comment: is a pretty neat free solution that provides analytics as well

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I also just found this which works better than that I had issues with the Url codes from them working on my iphone scanner

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We’re building QR generation/tracking in p202. Lot’s of cool stuff possible with QR tech, a lot of them already mentioned in the thread.

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A couple I have used and like

You used to be able to get Hi res on qr-stuff but now they make you pay

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Man… I am one of those people who have no idea what a QR is…

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Originally Posted by lavish

Man… I am one of those people who have no idea what a QR is…

2-dimensional bar code in the shape of a square. Smartphones can read it with apps that read QR codes.

QR codes give the phone a variety of instructions – they can:
-show a message
-send a text message (prepare it, you still have to hit send)
-make a call (again, you have to hit ‘Call’ or ‘Cancel’)
-send you to a website
-send your vCard
-show a map
…and probably a few other things.

Looks like this:

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Very interesting… thanks liane!

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