Anyone promoting ThatFreeThing?

Hi there,

Is anyone promoting ThatFreeThing? ThatFreeThing is an MLM. It is quite unique. For $25 one time purchase and a $9.95 per month subscription you will get access to thousands of free products and services.

I have joined and I’m trying to get people on it but I really struggle. Usually people just join a free membership but don’t convert to the paid one.

Has anyone tried it? What’s your opinion about it?

User Comment:
My advice would be to stay away from any MLM program. There are much easier ways to make money…

User Comment:
Yeah, I know. I just thought it would be easy to promote that on the internet but I was probably wrong. I’ve got only tons of free leads but no paid ones.

User Comment:
Stick to mainstream affiliate CPA offers, you will save time, and money while making more monies

The Article Published IN 06-07-2011 02:06 PM

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