Anyone using 50onred textlink traffic?

I have a few campaigns running there at just about break even and was wondering if anyone else saw good stuff with them.

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i ran some us campaigns that did pretty good there…need a lot of optimization but soo far they are good..i’ll test some international offers in the next days too? do you know if they have a lot of international traffic?

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They seem to say they do, havent really tested anything intl besides germany. They had a lot of traffic there.

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low volume international
good quality though
US is hyper competitive for some of the key terms like coupon, credit report (like $1+ cpc)

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Still a good source to run through with?

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yes and cheaper then TV intext links.

The other one to try is -> more options with broad kw and negative kw targetting and a adwords like bidding engine.

50onred is straight price competition.


50OnRed are innovating like mad – new features rolling out every week. I started with them about 4 weeks ago, and within two weeks there were a bunch more options, additional countries, and hover ads (the little popup ads when you hover over the link).

Benefit of 50OnRed is also that all traffic is toolbar rather then site advertising.

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The only issue I have with 50onred is the reps. Mine are starting to become very unresponsive and its sad

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I saw them at ase. Gon to test them soon. They also do display anyone tried?

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Hah, I used to work in the same office as 50onRed. Talented group of marketers and developers, but I think I’m going to wait it out until they reach more volume.

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dont use doenst work

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