Anyone Using Spyfu? Your Feedbacks Highly Appreciated!

I have been researching and watching Spyfu videos to learn more about their Spytool. But I really want to know if anyone using for Affiliate and CPA Offers. Is it helping you to increase the profit, find new profitable keywords or any other benefits?

Thank you in advance….

User Comment:
I have used it…..I like keyword spy better…..I haven’t see it since the update (spyfu)……also googles own tools are pretty damn good and free……

User Comment:
@polarbacon Has Keywordspy been helping you? Would you recommend it?

User Comment:
I haven’t done ppv much lately but when I did….it does give you some good results…..

but I think some of the affexpert tools do a pretty damn good job and they are free with your membership here…

The Article Published IN 07-18-2011 08:21 PM

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