Anyone work with MobPartner?

How are these guys as a network? Trustworthy?


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I have not worked with them Im afraid.

Checking Affiliate Paying doesnt give much insight either:

Anyone has any views? Angry Russian do you know them?>

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Why are you afraid, @tijn?

I started working with them a week ago.
They hired Danny Mallinder – for new affiliates training.
I talked to him on skype 4-5 times and he helped me with some issues.
Their tracking system is bad and they ask not to use more than 100 different subids.
But I use prosper202 with [[subid]] without problems.

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I forgot to mention that MobPartner has special deal with Adfonic and Jumptap.

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hey dpol – im not afraid – its a strange englishanism which means something like "unfortunately"

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I’ve worked with them. Danny is kind of a douche when I asked him to place pixel he told me he won’t until I say "please." I’m like you serious?

The rest of the team there is pretty good. Payment terms SUCK they hate bumping and aren’t used to affiliate marketing like we are. Also… french, need I say more.

With all that being said they track mobile with less clicks being lost than other networks and they have a lot of good international offers. I use them for testing mostly but wouldn’t scale because of their refusal to bump or payout earlier.

Oh also another hilarity I had 2 leads "removed" because they do the old school approve every lead bull shit.

Overall rating 2/5

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Haha no hating on Danny he’s a kiwi. They are very special people I hear.

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Anybody tried their premium course yet?

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Hey All,

Just to chime in. I just recently signed up there and was referred by someone that I trust and that has run pretty decent volume with them. So take that for whatever it is worth.

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UPDATE: Danny was "let go" apparently I’m not the only one who thought he was a douche. So I will again support mob partners. A lot of offers especially international.

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Yeah, fairly odd guy… I wouldnt personally recomend his training course either. You`ll get more value watching the free webinare videos on offermobi or those provided by Liane.

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Hah – thanks izzy.

Didn’t realize Danny was let go – when did that happen?
I’ve spoken with him quite a few times & he kind of rubbed me the wrong way…but that’s just me.

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I’m working with them a lot, great AM, Great offers…. I like them, but hey I’m biased, I’m French…. boou ))))))))

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I tried working with them some times in the past and each time I had problems with stats system (subids, exporting to excel etc.)
But now it seems they upgraded the system and fixed all the issues.
They promised to add carriers/handsets identification in some weeks.

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