App for real time user performance monitoring

Im playing around with this trial which might be of interest to those that do big PPV campaigns or run web apps.

New Relic enables real time user performance monitoring, from the users perspective.


Then identify bottlenecks in your app / webpage – whether its clientside javascript, PHP, or database calls to MySQL.

It also has 24×7 performance monitoring so you can see whether you are loosing clicks.

Heres a quick overview video:

Theres a free 2 week trial here:

Cheapest plan is $24 a month.

User Comment:
On app sumo today for a deal if you already know you like it going to try it out first though. Thanks

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yeah thats where i heard about it but like you – dont wanna plug 99 a month if I can have 2 week free trial and then find out the 30 a month will do fine

User Comment:
Why did you have to post this? Now I’m going to have to get it. Regardless if I need it.

I’m a sucker for anything related to analytics.

User Comment:
Wow! That’s a neat piece of kit. I can now run the planet from my hollowed-out volcano with the aid of my laptop

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They have just released their free Server monitoring software…ll=1#post35884

The Article Published IN 08-11-2011 12:12 PM

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