ASE11 Silver Pass for sale

It looks like I am not going o ASE after all so I am selling my silver ASE pass.

If you need one I will sell it for 125 which will also cover the $25 transfer fee.

Gonzo said he might want it but if he doesn’t are there any others in need?

User Comment:
anyone? I would rather someone on here get a deal than have to sell it on ebay.

User Comment:
Sent you a PM

User Comment:
Thanks but it is still for sale.

User Comment:
WTF!!!! Y U NO COME ???

(that’s what she said)

User Comment:
Poor planing on my part. My physical business is sucking the blood out of me. I was looking forward to meeting my Carolina brother from another mother. Next one. I am already making plans.

No one on the forums needed the ticket on both forums so I ebayed it for 405. I guess it was the last ticket avail. Amazing what scarcity does.

The Article Published IN 08-18-2011 12:09 PM

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