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Ok, so I’m planning I wanna capture email on ppv, so what good email marketing software to start with?

I’m using 1shoppingcart and have 200k lead, in gmail it’s in to the inbox folders, in yahoo, go to Spam .

So what’s your recommend?

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Search Is Your Friend! Please use it.…ighlight=email…ighlight=email

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When it comes to mail based email marketing, it’s getting harder and harder to hit the inbox. Even with hosted solutions like IContact, AWeber etc. you will hit the junk folder sometimes. I have been doing permission based email marketing for about 4 years, and it is much harder to hit the inbox now than it was when i started in this business. I am using IContact, and Interspire Email Marketer hosted on one of my own dedicated servers.

There are pros and cons on both hosted and self-hosted solutions.

On my own server, I don’t share my IPs with anybody else – so nobody else than me can spoil my reputation. Also you have the option to go for return path certification, which will improve your inbox rate and allow images to be shown automatically in compatible clients (such as hotmail) – However good reputation takes time to build and doesn’t take much spam complaints to spoil.

On hosted solutions, you often share the IPs with other senders – if they have good reputation it’s good for you – if not… So your deliverabilty depends on what others are sending (That’s why many providers of hosted solutions don’t allow affiliate marketing at all).

The best solution for me has been a combination of 3-4 different systems – this makes me able to switch between the solutions – so if something doesn’t work on Interspire – it might work on one of the hosted solutions instead.


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