Aspect Ratio vs. Maximum Picture Size – Which is more

Aspect Ratio vs. Maximum Picture Size – Which is more important?

So, I’ve been gathering tons of images for my PoF campaigns. As most of you know, the maximum image size is 110×80 pixels. Now, most of you also know that not every single image on the interwebs is going to condense nicely into that 110×80 dimension. I have (what I like to think) some pretty good pictures that are vertical shots (not landscape) which makes getting to that PoF dimension without it looking whacky pretty hard.

So, what do you guys think? Any experience with this? Is it better to just try to crop it the best I can and hope that people still admire the oddly wide face that is on the ad? To be honest, I really think any image that doesn’t fill the dimension is:

a) Hard to see
b) Less noticeable
c) Shifted to the left (seemingly)

If anyone perhaps has some tricks to get these images looking decent and fitting into the advertisement without looking retarded, let me know!

User Comment:
Hey Matt, what you do is open Photoshop and make and create a new document with the dimensions 110px x 80px – then you find your image and open that in photoshop. Drag that image and drop it on your 110×80 canvas. Since the picture is likely to be waaay bigger than 110×80, you need to scale it down and getting it fitting right. So go to Edit –> Transform. Hold shift so you don’t screw up the aspect ratio of the picture and use the handles to drag and change the size.

User Comment:
Alrighty, I guess there’s some more room to move in PS than in paint. I used paint in the beginning bc it was easy, but this way I’m able to slightly adjust the aspect ratio in free-transform mode. I’ve just been feeling around until I get a full image that looks pretty good. Thanks!

The question however still remains, do you think its worth it for me to skew the image a bit to fill out the 110×80 maximum?

User Comment:
no, don’t skew the aspect ratio. Let’s say we start a big image of a sexy ass chick. This one is 815 x 565

Pop them both into PS and drag the pic into your 110×80 canvas

then when you scale it down you can do a closeup

or a full body shot

you don’t really want to skew the aspect ratio and ‘squish’ it

The Article Published IN 09-22-2011 04:44 AM

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